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Timber Pergolas Sydney - By PT Quality Constructions!

Quality custom built timber frame pergolas & awnings tailored made to suite your style and needs quality outdoor living all year round. Timber frame pergolas are beautiful structures within them self's and can really enhance a quality built hardwood timber deck alfresco outdoor entertaining area.

Timber decks and timber pergolas are beautiful features in them selves, but they can also lead from one garden area to another , frame a view , or serve to lead the eye from one spot to another . Adding a timber pergola or colorbond metal pergola awning to your home can improve its appearance enormously.

A timber pergola patio offers you all year round pleasure, protected from the elements and possible enclosed using cafe blinds. We are going to discuss your thoughts and exactly how you would like to utilize the area and design a outdoor patio or pergola area to match your property and your lifestyle. Each and every outdoor patio we create is unique and has been carefully prepared enhance your family home.

If you have something particular in mind, a special requirement or special design, just ask us. We can help make it happen! You Dream it, we plan it & make it happen.

Glosswood Timber Lining Boards!!!

When considering building a timber pergola lining the inside of the roof may be a great option With toung and grove glosswood lining, these boards come pre finished making insulation quick and simple. Gloss wood lining board are light weight and come in two sizes 100mm wide or 150mm wide board. There are many timber species to chose from jarrah, cedar, Tasmanian oak, beach, white,

Cafe Blinds, Bistro Blinds, Outdoor Patio Blinds

When considering building your new outdoor entertaining area, cafe blinds may be a great idea.Cafe blinds enable you to make full use of your entertaining area throughout the colder, wetter months of the year, meaning you can still entertain guests when the weather is not at its best. There are 2 different types of cafe blinds also known as bistro blinds, to choose from. They are shade mesh or PVC cafe blinds. Both these blinds can be custom made to suit your pergola design and are also available in standard sizes. They are widely available throughout the internet and can be directly shipped to your door. Installation of these blinds is a very easy DIY process. If you are not confident to install these blinds, we are more than happy to help order these blinds and install on completion.

Outdoor Gas Heating or Patio Strip Heaters for Pergolas

Outdoor heating is going to be a great advantage for entertaining guests or your next family function throughout those colder months of the year. Outdoor heating will turn your patio into a warm cosy oasis. There are 2 types of outdoor pergola heating being gas or electric. After some research using some comparison charts on costing of running these heaters it seems that gas is always going to be the cheaper alternative to operate. In my opinion the appearance of the electric strip heaters seem to be far better than the gas. You may have seen these heaters in the alfresco area of your local club. If this sounds like something you would like to incorporate into your outdoor entertaining area, you may need to take into consideration where you would like your gas or electrical points to be installed.

Outdoor Pergola Ceiling Fans

By installing outdoor fans to your pergola entertaining area will not only enhance the appearance of your pergola but will help to take full control of your surrounding climate during those hotter months of the year During the colder winter months of year you can run your fan in reverse, pulling the hot air up and circulating the hot air down the walls. If you have cafe blinds installed this may be a great idea The costs of running ceiling fan are very cheap approximate 1 cent per hour but may vary with different sizes of motor Fans come with built in lights and this can be used as a primary source of light or additional source of lighting, most fans today are equip with remote controls for convenience.

Pergola Lighting

Pergola lighting is going to be essential on completion there are many attractive solutions on the market, you may like to shop around at any of your local lighting store to gather your ideas thoughts.