Timber Decking

Timber Decking Sydney, prides itself on its professionalism and reliability with many of years  of hands on experience of building and designing spectacular outdoor living areas throughout Western Sydney. From the very first quotation, We offer complete attention to detail through to the final completed project. At PT Quality Constructions,We believe  our clients come first, making sure all demands are met to the highest standard possible and Constructed to the highest possible level of quality. As the leading Timber Decking Sydney building company, we only use the best construction materials. Specializing in select grade Merbau timber decking. We use Merbau because we can guarantee when using this timber you won’t have any issues with warping, cracking or splitting of timber decking boards. We have been building with this hardwood decking timber for many years and highly recommend using this timber. Make a scheduled appointment today and we’ll provide you with the ideal timber decking solution to suit your home, lifestyle and budget… that is constructed to last by Timber Decking Building Company.

Timber Deck Outdoor Lighting

Timber decking Sydney experts recommend the use of good lighting. In and around your timber deck. This  is not only an attractive option, it also takes care of all the safety concerns you may have. When entertaining in poor light or darkness. It reduces trip hazards and creates a safe and enjoyable space for children, as well as adults. Good lighting is essential to create an outdoor environment where friends and family can get together safely long after the sun has set. Timber deck step lighting fixtures are an attractive option to add to your timber deck and there are many lighting fixtures you can choose from. There are fixtures that have been recessed and are flush to the step, this type is by far the most popular but there are many other different designer looks. Deck step lights are generally made from strong materials such as stainless steel, copper & brass which gives you the assurance they will last and not weather. Each light fitting will give a different appearance to your deck. Timber decking Sydney lights are available in a wide range of colours and are generally used to give soft mood lighting.

Timber Decking Stair`s

If you are building an elevated timber deck, a staircase is going to be essential. Timber decking Sydney  offer 2 types of timber stair cases we can build. 1) open tread stairs with stringers. 2) Boxed in stairs would consist of using timber decking on the treads and rise of stairs. When building boxed in staircases normally you would enclose all sides of the deck to ground level to keep that consistent flow all the way around the side of your deck. Using picture frame border around the tread of the staircases can give a really nice decorative design and professional finish from Timber Decking Sydney.

Hardwood Timber Decking

Hardwood timber decking  boards is the best choice for decking timber. Hardwood is generally more expensive than softwood. It is naturally resilient to insect damage and usually possesses a richer color than softwood. When exposed to the natural elements it ages much better then treated pine decking. Hardwood has a darker appearance to treated pine and when oiled or stained to highlight the natural colors giving a very professional and attractive finish .

Hardwood is difficult to treat but its natural durability and will stand the test of time. It is recommended that hardwood be seasoned (usually kiln-dried). Varieties of hardwood popular for decking include Asian hardwood Bartu and Merbau decking. There are generally 2 different sized timber decking boards sold. They are 90mm X 19mm or a wider board 140mm X 25mm , this would be more commonly used for wider, larger open areas by timber decking Sydney.

Treated Pine Timber Decking

Treated pine timber decking is cost effective and can be a cheaper option than using hardwood, also conveniently treated against water rot. It has a lighter appearance opposed to darker hardwoods, but by using stains you can archive the same color of any hardwood. Compared to hardwood, softwood such as pine has low durability unless it is treated. Fortunately softwood can be used in all decking and pergola situations provided that it is properly treated. For example, timber used for ground posts needs to be stronger and more resilient than the timber used for the frame of the deck. Treated softwood (usually pine) is the most cost effective and popular timber frame option. In brief Softwood can be used in all decking frame situations so long as it is properly treated. Timber decking Sydney highly recommends hardwood for  all decking planks.

Timber Decking Maintenance

99% of our deck`s are built using Merbau Decking, because we know it is a good, hard dense quality timber that won`t crack or buckle. There is also good availability and the cost is reasonable in comparison to other hardwoods. Merbau is dark in colour. We can guarantee you are buying quality hardwood that will last. After installation you will need to wash the blood out of the timber a few times. The best way is with a gerni on low pressure or a hose with a stiff brush broom. It is a good idea to use a deck cleaner to remove any dirt stains, and most important to open up the pores of the timber to allow the deck oil to penetrate deep in to the timber. 24 hours after you have washed your deck down and the timber is completely dry, it is time to prepare to oil your outdoor living area. There are many quality deck oils on the market, and one you may want to look at is intergrain ultra deck oil. These can be purchased from any of your local timber decking Sydney hardware.  You will need to apply at least 2 good coats of deck oil, or even 3 is a good idea first time around. There will be product directions on the back of the can explaining drying times etc, or ask the timber decking Sydney specialist.

How often will i need to oil my timber deck???

Generally every 12 to 18 months if your deck is exposed to hi UV. With no pergola covering over it, you may need to oil every 12 months if covered with a pergola it should be ok for 18 months. The best time to be oiling your timber deck would be at the start of a hot summer and the end of the summer. If for some reason you don`t have the time, or you have let it go outside of this time frame and the timber is looking a bit gray, you can revive it just by using the deck cleaner and geri. Keep in mind that you don`t want the timber to dry out or you may start to see cracks or even cupping. If for any reason you can`t keep up the maintenance please inquire for your maintenance program. PT are more than happy to help keep your timber decking Sydney at its best.