Stratco Pavilion

Have you been looking for a premium alfresco design to complement the elegance and luxury of your home ?  Then look no further. Stratco pavilion re-writes the rules of the traditional pergola design . A Stratco pavilion is the pinnacle of luxury and class, the Rolls Royce of pergolas. If you have just invested your time and hard earned money into a renovation or new build , you don’t want your pergola to look like an afterthought.  A pavilion is a grand addition that will compliment your hard work and add value to your property. When only the best will do, a Stratco pavilion will bring a level of sophistication to your outdoor entertaining space making it an enjoyable area that you can be proud of. There are three different styles available in the Stratco  pavilion range. Pavilion Grande and Pavilion slique.

Pavilion grande has been created for the home owner that wants perfection. With large columns, chunky bulkheads and its distinctive edge gutter , the Stratco pavilion grange is a trend setter in its class. Stratco pavilion grande uses aluminium composite panels for an architectural point of difference , integrated LED lighting along with concealed down-pipes and fasteners. The Stratco pavilion grande ceiling is an insulated composite roofing material. With its smooth texture , it resembles a room ceiling with the added luxury of thermal insulation from heat and cold. This pinnacle of perfection is only complimented by its pallet of colours available that represent earthly hues that are on trend right now. Stratco pavilion slique offer timeless luxury and sophistication. Stratco pavilion slique offer a slimmer option without compromising on quality. Stratco pavilion slique still uses aluminium composite panels along with concealed fasteners. Slique will still retain the iconic bulkhead and distinctive edge gutter. A main point of difference is that you can choose between  cooldeck insulated roofing panels which are a smooth surface finish and fully insulated or Stratco’s sleek deck range.

Lighting is no problem at all. You have the option to include LED lights for night time use and add a pavilion light box to take advantage of the natural sunlight during daylight hours.