Outdoor Patio Blinds

Outdoor patio blinds are a sleek and modern solution to your outdoor entertaining needs. Ambient blinds can be fitted to pergolas, balconies and alfresco entertaining areas providing a privacy screen, shading a sun glare problem or simply to keep pesky insects at bay. In Australia, we love our outdoor entertaining. Unfortunately our harsh climate can make the outdoors uncomfortable at times. Let’s face it, who wants to sit outside when it is raining or in the dead of summer when we get bombarded with flies as soon as the food comes out! Outdoor patio blinds are the solution to turn your outdoor entertaining space into a usable space that you can enjoy in comfort all year round. Ambient blinds are available in four different styles and a range of fashionable colours to choose from. Ambient blinds are made from a highly durable exterior grade fabric to ensure they can accommodate you in our harsh Australian climate.

Styles Available

Windsor – The Windsor is a wire guided semi restrained outdoor blind. The semi restrained exterior blind runs on durable marine grade stainless steel wire guides to offer movable side ventilation and give more tolerance to coastal/windswept weather conditions. This outdoor blind provides a more casual style to your outdoor living space. It offers great sun protection while still allowing outdoor breezes to flow through the space maintaining the outdoor experience. The Windsor ambient blinds are compatible with all fabric colours available in the Ambient blinds range, and while they are able to operate with a motor, the Windsor ambient blinds , are ideally suited for manual operation or crank operation. Regent – The regent utilizes a zip welded to the sides of the blinds that are fitted invisibly within custom fitted aluminium side tracks. The side tracks, hold the screen in tightly at the side and provides a sleek, tidy and more uniformed appearance. If you are looking to create a year round, all weather permitting outdoor entertaining area, these are the blinds you have been looking for. Regent ambient blinds will provide you’re outdoor area with the best protection from our elements reducing breeze flow and harmful UV.  Regent Ambient blinds are also fantastic for reducing insects and also protection from pool/rain splashing making your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Regent ambient outdoor blinds are available in all fabric colours and openness factors. Regent ambient blinds are completely compatible with ultra locks and a remote controlled motor. Regent ambient blinds are also available as a manual operation and

crank operation. Chelsea – If your location is more open to the elements and prone to blustery conditions , the Chelsea ambient blinds range may be suited to you . The fabric on the Chelsea ambient blinds sits neatly in a deep channel. This allows the ambient outdoor blind to maintain the uniformed look that you desire while imposing less strain on the ambient blind during windy costal conditions. The Chelsea ambient outdoor blinds are available in a motorised option or crank operation. Strand – Strand ambient outdoor blinds are a premium DIY friendly product. There are no guides, channels or zips to worry about in the installation process. This allows the ambient blinds to be attached where fixing side rails would be impossible. These ambient blinds are suitable for use of all areas in all situations making stand ambient blinds a more flexible choice. Strand ambient blinds are available in all premium fabric colours and are also available with the optional spring clip. The spring clip will securely hold the ambient blind in place at the bottom in tandem with a crank drive that provides tension on the ambient blind. If you enjoy a bit of DIY and want the reward of looking at your handy work for years to come, then outdoor patio blinds are the choice for you.

Fabric Range

There are 3 selections for openness factors. This is the tightness of the fabric weave depending on how much you wish to enclose your outdoor entertaining area from the elements. 1% openness – for excellent breeze control and privacy. 5% openness – This is the most popular choice providing a good combination of shading, privacy and still allowing views from your outdoor entertaining area. 15% openness – This provides excellent shading while still retaining great views from your outdoor entertaining area. In Australia our climates can be harsh, Stratco have designed and made these ambient outdoor blinds to withstand our climate conditions from the most durable of fabrics. The fabric is PVC coated polyester that is tear resistant, UV tolerant and also mould and mildew resistant.  All seams are non-sagging, high frequency welded to ensure the best lifespan possible for your ambient outdoor blinds. When it comes to choosing a colour, while there are many options, there are a few things to keep in mind. Darker colours will reduce sun glare, While lighter colours reflect more sunlight and reduce heat loading. Your choice should reflect not only aesthetics but will be dependent on your particular requirements. When choosing Pt Quality constructions as your installer, you can be assured we have extensive knowledge of the product and our quality workmanship is second to none. We also offer a professional product and installation warranty.  Servicing  areas like Minto, Bow Bowing, St. Andrews, Minto Heights, Raby, Eagle Vale, Campbelltown, Eschol Park, Woodbine, Ingleburn, Macarthur, Camden, Liverpool, Denham Court.