• 50mm thick panel
• 90 x90 post
• Up to 2100mm high
• Ideal for fencing
• Most affordable wall solution
• Retains up to 500mm of soil


• 75mm thick panel
• 250mm wide post
• Up to 3000mm high
• Mirrors a single brick wall with piers
• Highly versatile and decorative
• Retains up to 750mm of soil


• 75mm thick panel
• Up to 3000mm high
• 350mm wide post
• Mirrors a double brick wall with large piers
• Best choice for grand look
• Retains up to 750mm

Modular Walls

Modular walls are a sleek, modern looking composite panel fencing system that is well suited to a variety of different circumstances. Modular wall panels are proudly designed, manufactured and engineered right here in Australia. While there a quite a few different types of modular wall panels to choose from, they are all basically made from fibre cement and can be painted just as you would paint a rendered brick wall to visually blend with your facade. The posts come in two different sizes, the classic 250mm x 150mm or slimmer aluminium, 100mm x100 mm and are fully protected by pre-applied primers during manufacturing.
There are many benefits of a modular wall over a traditional brick wall. Firstly is the cost effectiveness of a modular wall, will by far be the less expensive option In comparison to a traditional brick wall that requires the skilled trade of a bricklayer, then needs to be rendered by a professional and finally painted. A modular wall is a simpler streamlined instillation process that is able to be installed by yourself if you wish to. If DIY is not your thing, we are more than happy to install your modular wall for you. Because the panels are lightweight and as there is no strip footings required or extensive digging, the cost of labour is reduced and this saving is passed onto you the customer.
Modular walls are a versatile product and can be used for a boundary fence, pool area fence, courtyards, retaining walls, corner blocks or even a decorative feature wall to your property. Stacked stone or tiles can be adhered to the panels using an acrylic tile adhesive, transforming your modular wall into an individual decorative landscape item that will create the oasis you desire and intern add value to your property.
Modular walls are also effective at reducing general domestic noise. Perhaps you live on a busy main road or simply wish to reduce the noise omitted from neighbours while retaining your own private sanctuary. These wall panels will allow you to achieve this in style and add sophistication to your property.

Slim Wall

Slim wall is our most cost effective range and suitable for fencing and boundary walls. Slim wall is also able to retain up to 500mm. Available in a classic post or aluminium, and is available up to 2100mm in height. Slim wall is a lightweight and durable product.

Vogue Wall

Vogue wall is a popular choice due to its versatility. Vouge wall will give you the option to add gates, lighting or run any electrical cabling required. It offers great acoustic reduction properties making it a good choice for a boundary wall or privacy wall. Vouge wall can also be used for a pool wall or feature wall. The construction properties of Vouge wall are sturdy and rated to suit all Australian wind regions. It can also be used for retaining up to 750mm. A letter box can be easily mounted into the post or panel making it a suitable option for a stylish front wall.

Estate Wall

Estate wall is the premium option of modular walls. When you are seeking to make a grand statement to the front entrance of your property, Estate wall is the perfect option for a front wall or premium boundary wall. Aesthetically, the estate wall resembles a traditional brick, rendered wall without the expensive and time consuming labour involved. Decorative slat infill’s can be added to this wall panel if desired, along with a letterbox or option or gates. Estate wall is rated to suit all Australian wind regions making it suitable for all Australian locations. Estate wall has undergone National Acoustic Laboratory testing and has been rated as a suitable residential acoustic barrier.
DIY kits are available for purchase through Pt Quality constructions. We can provide you with a 3D drawing and assist you with our professional advice to help you achieve the outcome you desire. The installation process is fairly simple. You will need to dig the holes, cement the posts in then simply slide the panels in and apply your choice of finishing. If you provide us with your measurements we will be able to send you back a quote and recommend the product that is best suited to your area.