Most of the worlds commercially viable merbau forests are found in China, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Unfortunately its use of the lumber as bio-fuel and indiscriminate felling for illegal export has led this beautiful timber on its way to extinction.

Merbau trees are considered an endangered species due to the lack of effort put back into regenerating the forests once lumbered. A Merbau tree requires a long maturity period of 75 – 80 years in comparison to a pine tree that will reach full maturity in a maximum of 10 years.

In recent years Indonesia has become more aware of these effects on their forests and have implemented strict export rules and illegal export has slowed as the world has become more aware of these environmental effects.

Merbau timber is a durable and consistent choice for decking. It is rated as a class 1 material , suitable for outdoor , above ground use. Merbau timber decking has a relatively low shrinkage / expansion rate, which is essential to avoid cupping over time in your new Merbau timber deck. Merbau timber decking will also hold its colour for longer than most other hardwoods will. The colour of Merbau timber decking can range from brown to a more reddish brown. Because Merbau timber is so durable, all that is needed to maintain your new Merbau timber deck will be some general maintenance, and it should look just as good in a few years, as the day it was installed. A good quality oil will improve the lifespan of your merbau timber deck , so this step should not be missed as is it equally important to reapply annually to maintain the appearance of your Merbau timber deck.

For durability, a timber deck that is exposed to the elements, should be fixed using only stainless steel screws or hot dipped , galvanised bolts or screws. If you dont like the look of visible screws, you could opt for the method of a concealed fixing system. This method leaves the fixing system hidden and only the Merbau timber decking boards are visible. Another way to preserve your Merbau Timber deck from the elements would be to cover the deck with a pergola.

The one thing to be careful of with Merbau timber decking is that, bleeding of the colour can occur, so care should be taken upon installation around a pool or against pavers or any other pours surface.

Another bonus of Merbau timber decking is that it is also bush fire resistant and is one of only 7 timbers deemed suitable for use in bush fire prone zones.

In conclusion , Merbau timber decking is a very durable , natural choice of decking, that is soft under foot and visually will most definitely add warmth and charterer to your entertaining area.