Louvre Opening Roof 

Have you ever sat underneath a pergola on a cold winter’s day and wished you could open the roof to allow the warm rays of the sun in?  Well, now you can. You can have literally the best of both worlds with a louvre opening roof. With just the touch of a button, the louvers can be opened via the convenience of a remote control.  The louvre opening roof can be opened or closed in 4 different directions making your outdoor entertaining area a comfortable experience no matter what the weather conditions or climate.

 .1- Closed, for full protection from elements. When the blades are completely closed, you will see a sleek modern looking pergola. The blades are 200mm wide panels that lay completely flat against each other. Each blade is powder coated and high gloss colour.

 2- Ventilation, while still providing rain protection. The blades will be only lightly opened up to allow a small amount of ventilation and let sun warmth in. This is particularly handy on a hot summer afternoon to allow the heat of the day to escape from the area and any breeze to flow. This operation will also still protect from any rain.

 3- Completely open to allow all available sun to enter. This option will allow sunlight to flow to the adjoining rooms of the house letting light and warmth into the home as well as the outdoor area. The outdoor area will be completely ventilated for bbq smoke or a pizza oven.

 4- Opened on a larger angle allowing ventilation while also protecting from the sun. Let the cool breezes flow through the area while protecting from the hot rays of the summer sun.

If you are after a premium outdoor entertaining experience, your louvre opening roof will most definitely provide this. The system has an in-built rain sensor. If rain is detected, the blades will automatically close to prevent any water damage to your beloved outdoor items. As mentioned before the louvre opening roof is completely mechanically operated with an easy to use magnetised remote control. The louver opening roof uses specially designed bushes for a relatively soundless operation. The blades are driven by a powerful 24volt DC linear actuator providing reliability and long product lifespan.

So having a louvre opening roof is suited well to all areas. Whether you are looking to cover a small balcony area, a large entertaining area or even a swimming pool, this is a versatile product that has the ability to span up to 3.9 metres for a flat and 7.2 metres for gable designs. The high gloss, powder coated blades come with an in built weather strip that will limit noise and form a tight weatherproof seal.

This louvre opening roof will finish off your outdoor area with the luxury you desire. As a louvre opening roof is a premium product, the cost is considerably more than a standard pergola, but the end result is surely an outstanding product that offers multiple key benefits that is to be admired not only for functionality but also for its aesthetics.

 When choosing Pt Quality constructions as your installer, you can be assured we have extensive knowledge of the product and our quality workmanship is second to none. We also offer a professional product and installation warranty. Give us a call to discuss how we can make a the louvre opening roof, work in your outdoor entertaining area for you. Servicing  areas like Minto, Bow Bowing, St. Andrews, Minto Heights, Raby, Eagle Vale, Campbelltown, Eschol Park, Woodbine, Ingleburn, Macarthur, Camden, Liverpool, Denham Court.