Insulated Roofing Panels – Patio Roofing!

Insulated Roofing panels are a great way to maximise your outdoor living during those hotter months of the year. When entertaining guests on a hot humid day, you will really notice and enjoy the benefit of  the Insulated roof panels once installed. So why not take control your climate & keep cool with insulated roof panels. These insulated roofing panels are going to provide a roofing system, with insulation and ceiling all in one product. It has excellent spanning advantages and exceptional thermal efficiency properties to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter .

 Many people may also be attracted to the great looks of insulated roofing panels. When designing that ultimate patio living area, insulated roof panels can provide spacious clean lines and the appearance of an uncluttered area. Most people find that their insulated patio offers a place where they tend to spend a considerable amount of time comfortably, and in just about any weather condition they like. You feel like you are enjoying the outdoors but without sitting in the direct blistering sun.

 Insulated roofing panels consist of a normal roofing sheet with a polystyrene sandwich core of 50mm to 70mm thick depending on the insulation you require, and a clean smooth attractive skin finish of colorbond to the underside. These insulated roofing panels are tough strong and structural. These all in one insulated roofing panels are great for spanning those long distances without the need of any intrusive beams to support the roof load providing the true look of a ceiling and is  ideal for insulated patio roofs, pergolas, verandas, decks & carport designs.  Insulated roofing panels are also used in many other building application such as wall panels and light weight portable modular enclosed buildings. You may also know them as refrigeration panels as they are used in many building applications and are very popular throughout the building industry.

Benefits Of Insulated Roofing!!!

Blocks heat efficiently

Detonates the sound of rain

Simple construction without the need of beams

Sleek contemporary ceiling finish

Concealed ducting for electrical cables

Great design versatility

Low maintenance colorbond finish

Pass basix requirements