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Insulated Roofing Sydney  - PT Quality Constructions!

 Insulated patio roofing is a great way to maximise your outdoor living during those hotter months of the year when entertaining guest on a hot humid day you will really notice and enjoy the true benefit of outdoor entertaining and fine dining.

Insulated pergola roofing panels consist of a normal roofing sheet with a polystyrene core of 50mm to 70mm thick depending on the insulation required and a clean smooth attractive finish of colorbond to the underside.

This tuff strong all in one roofing panels are great for spaning long distances without the need of any intrusive beams to support the roof load providing the true look of a ceilin.

These panels are also used in other building application such as wall panel's light weight portable modular enclosed buildings and also passes council requirement including basix.

Benefits Of Insulated Pergola Roofing!!!

  • Blocks heat efficiently
  • Detonates the sound of rain
  • Simple construction without the need of beams
  • Great design versatility
  • Low maintenance colorbond finish
  • Strong and durable