Composite Decking

Do you love the look of a fresh new timber deck, but just simply don’t have the time for the maintenance and upkeep that is required with hardwood timber ? Then composite decking is what you have been searching for. Composite decking boards look like real hardwood timer but will require minimal maintenance. Composite decking boards are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and textures as well as offering different fixing options.

Composite decking has been manufactured for more than 10 years now and the products are continually improving. There are now many manufactures around giving you great choice and product availability.

So what is composite decking? Well, composite decking boards are made from a combination of hardwood timber fibres and new or recycled plastics, combined with colouring elements and protective additives. Composite decking also has a few added bonuses over a traditional hardwood timber deck. Composite decking will be more resilient to termite infestation and will also not splinter or rot as hardwood timber can. The cost of composite decking can be slightly higher than traditional hardwood decking but there are more cost effective options available. As Ecodeck is currently stocked in Australia by Bunnings, the product is readily available at a competitive price. There is also the added bonus of availability of the product.

Composite decking is available in a number of different finishes and profiles as well as a variety of different colours. This can also change from one manufacturer to another .When choosing your composite decking there is a few things to keep in mind, will your decking be exposed to the elements, such as sun and rain? Or will your composite decking be protected by a pergola or alfresco? Smooth textured composite decking can become quite slippery when wet. Perhaps if you are planning on using this type of texture finish around a pool or an uncovered area, you might wish to reconsider. If your composite decking will be exposed to direct sunlight, choosing a dark colour will hold more heat and also be more prone to fading than a lighter colour would be.

Cleaning your composite deck is fairly easy. You will need to wash your composite decking with soapy water and a soft bristle broom approximately every 12 months. This will also depend on the climate and conditions of your location. Washing your composite decking is really the only maintenance that is required. There is no painting, staining or sanding required.

Climate change has been a big community focus and most of us are trying to do our best to recycle our plastic and reduce landfill to preserve this precious planet. Composite decking is manufactured with this in mind. Composite decking uses recycled PVC plastics in the product and smaller amounts of timber fibres leaving our beautiful forest to grow and regenerate to their full potential. By choosing a composite decking product, you are also choosing to do your part in sustaining a better future for our environment. When choosing Pt Quality constructions as your installer, you can be assured we have extensive knowledge of the product and our quality workmanship is second to none. We also offer a professional product and installation warranty. Servicing  areas like Minto, Bow Bowing, St. Andrews, Minto Heights, Raby, Eagle Vale, Campbelltown, Eschol Park, Woodbine, Ingleburn, Macarthur, Camden, Liverpool, Denham Court.