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Most of the worlds commercially viable merbau forests are found in China, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Unfortunately its use of the lumber as bio-fuel and indiscriminate felling for illegal export has led this beautiful timber on its way to extinction.

Merbau trees are considered an endangered species due to the lack of effort put back […]

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Composite decking is generally considered the more environmentally sustainable option. Although hardwood timber decking is a more natural product, it takes many years for a forest to reach full maturity again once lumbered. Composite decking however, is made using a percentage of recycled plastics, manufactured plastics and hardwood wood chips and fibres. If it is […]

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If you are considering adding a timber deck to your alfresco area, then you may want to consider composite decking as a more durable, long lasting and low maintenance option.

So what is composite decking and how is it made ? Composite decking products are made up of a combination of wood and plastic fibres. The […]

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When space is a limiting factor, which is common in Sydney’s inner city, and all the popular elements of outdoor alfresco living are required , the landscape designer is presented with a challenge; to simultaneously address the site restrictions and design a garden that meets the homeowners often long list of requirements forĀ alfresco outdoor room […]

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Outdoor rooms, pergolas, patios and the like are fantastic additions to your outdoor space but depending on the aspect of your yard, they can create darkness and even dampness. of course, we usually head outside to experience the elements, not sit in a cold dark room.

A opening louvre roof system such as this one will […]

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Patio Design Ideas – Outdoor Patio Living Design Ideas

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Benefits of Having a Gabled Pergola

Gabled style Pergola roof is usually the most common type of pergola you could add to your patio area. It can add design style and appeal to your property, also can enhance a pergola into a Very highly and practical eye-catching backyard living area. A gabled style pergola area has quite a few benefits over […]

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Deck Screws Vs. Nails – Timber Decking Fasteners

There really is no option when it comes time to decide whether you should nail or screw that timber deck down. Hardwood timber patios exposed to our harsh Australian climate of hot to cold, expanding and contracting need to be screwed down although you may notice many decks are still being nailed down today.
By nailing […]

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